Things to Know About Clash Royale

Clash Royale has been inspired by the famous game which is known as Clash of Clans. Clash Royale has similar characters and similar troops like Clash of Clans. In the game Clash Royale, the player will have to build his own dock against the opponent dock. The player has to destroy the opponent’s tower and defeat the opponent in a battle. The game starts in the training camp, where the players are taught about the game in a tutorial. The players have to play 7 battles so that they become used to the cards and the uses that they have. The players are also provided with the wooden chests where they receive the cards. The last chest consists of the Epic card, which paves the way for Arena 1 and informs the players that now they have to fight with the real players.

Things that a player should be familiar with

The player needs to understand the Clash Royale cheats and play the game accordingly. Listed below are the various things that the player needs to know about the game so that they can make use of the best weapons in order to defeat their opponents.

There are three different kinds of chests that are given to the players. The chests include the free chests, the Reward Chests and the Crown chest. Reward chests are provided to the players every time they win the battles against the opponents. Free chests are provided to the players every 4 hours. The Crown chest is provided to the players once a day.

An important feature of Clash Royale is the gems. Gems help in unlocking the chests. The players can purchase chests and gold from the shops with the help of these gems. Players can also get gems from the Crown chest and the Free chest. Smart players do not make use of the gems for unlocking or buying new chests. Players should be careful and they should use the gems wisely.

Gold is also a very important feature in the game. Every time the player upgrades the troops to the higher levels, he requires gold. Up gradation is extremely important to move fast in the game. But the player should not use up all the gold to upgrade the troops unnecessarily. Players can also purchase cards with the help of the gold. Enough gold has to be spared by the player because the cards will not be leveled up if enough not gold is not there.

Players can purchase the rare, common, or the Epic cards from the shop. You can also purchase gold, chests or gems with the help of the in-app purchases that the game has.

When a player wins a battle against his opponent he gets trophies. When he loses a battle, he will lose a few trophies. The beginners should be careful and not jump directly to the higher arenas because it is not an easy job to battle with the experienced players.

The knowledge about these things will help the player to enjoy the game.

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