IPhone App Review: Anger of Stick

Anger of Stick is a side scrolling fighting app app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It was created by J. Park and costs 99 cents for the full version though you can go through a couple of levels for free. This app lets you fight through waves of stick figures as well as other, more fully fleshed out, and difficult to kill enemies. This is something that is — to find in the iTunes app store and this does it well though there are some oddities to this game that I do not love.

When there were actual arcades I spent far too much money on games such as Bad Dudes, street fighter, teenage mutant ninja turtles and other side scrolling fighting games. They were not my favorite games in general but there was almost always someone who was willing to play with you and so they became fun, and then they mostly disappeared. There are a few of course but everyone felt the need to add elements to make them different from games that hadn’t been available for years. The iPhone though allows those old style games to become fresh again and while Anger of Stick isn’t the best of this type of game it does feel like those old games I played in the arcade, though I think it needs more boss battles.

When you open this app you will begin by buying ammo for your weapons. That you can only buy ammo rather than upgrading the weapons is one of the oddities of this game that I do not love. This makes it feel as if you never actually move forward in the game because you don’t really need more ammo.

The graphics and sound of this app are good for the iPhone which you consider how well the stick figure really looks and moves. You can listen to your own music while using this app.

The controls of this app are very simple moving by tilting the phone which means you only have to focus on the jump and attack button.

The greatest weakness of this app is that there are other fighting games in which you simply feel like you are accomplishing more and that makes them feel a lot more like complete games.

This app gets three out of five stars because it is fun but not anything more than simply a fun button master.

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