Clash Royale – Your Deck Variety

Clash royale is the most popular video game which grabs the attention of all youngsters and kids. It is such a fun loving and exciting game which gets name and fame in little time. If you are beginner then it will be quite difficult for you to understand the game at once. You can’t play this game without applying the tips and tricks because it not an easy game. If you really want to win the battle you must follow smart techniques which I am going to tell. These tips will definitely help to win the battle on the battlefield.

Consume gold wisely:  as we all know gold is the important aspect of this game so we should behave smart while the using of it. Generally, people starts to use in the starting of the battle and waste all the gold which is the common mistake made by the players. It is the most important currency in clash royale. a player can earn much gold by the winning of the battle but it is a time-consuming way. Daily chests or clan chests are also a way that is available in the game by which you can get gold. But if we talk about the simplest way of getting gold then only one name comes in our mind which is Clash Royale Hack: Clash Royale Free Gems. While playing the game many times we have to face such situations in which we have no other option instead of using more gold. It could be a difficult situation for us but with the help of hack tool, we can easily get out of the situation.

Variety in the battle deck:  basically battle deck is an army which is made by the player in the starting of the game. You will be provided by the troops some of them are high and some are a low level troop. You should make your deck with a mix of high and low-level troops. Every troop has a fixed number of elixir cost and troops are ranked by their elixir. The strategy of the deck should be made so smartly and when you are making this strategy keep the time in your mind. Put your troops properly on the ground as well as in the air so you can defend properly from the opponent’s troop and also destroy their arenas.  A mixed ground and air troop will surely help to win the battle. Suppose if the opponent has a ground troop, at that time you can drop the dragon on them. You can do this without taking any damage. This is one of the most important strategies which can be used in the game.

These are the most important things which you should consider while playing and these will definitely help you a lot. Attack and defend these both things hold a great position in the game and we should give our main focus on that so that we can prepare major planning. At last, I just want to say that this game is unique which I have never seen before and I can consume my free time in this.

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