Clash Royale – Your Deck Variety

Clash royale is the most popular video game which grabs the attention of all youngsters and kids. It is such a fun loving and exciting game which gets name and fame in little time. If you are beginner then it will be quite difficult for you to understand the game at once. You can’t play this game without applying the tips and tricks because it not an easy game. If you really want to win the battle you must follow smart techniques which I am going to tell. These tips will definitely help to win the battle on the battlefield.

Consume gold wisely:  as we all know gold is the important aspect of this game so we should behave smart while the using of it. Generally, people starts to use in the starting of the battle and waste all the gold which is the common mistake made by the players. It is the most important currency in clash royale. a player can earn much gold by the winning of the battle but it is a time-consuming way. Daily chests or clan chests are also a way that is available in the game by which you can get gold. But if we talk about the simplest way of getting gold then only one name comes in our mind which is Clash Royale Hack: Clash Royale Free Gems. While playing the game many times we have to face such situations in which we have no other option instead of using more gold. It could be a difficult situation for us but with the help of hack tool, we can easily get out of the situation.

Variety in the battle deck:  basically battle deck is an army which is made by the player in the starting of the game. You will be provided by the troops some of them are high and some are a low level troop. You should make your deck with a mix of high and low-level troops. Every troop has a fixed number of elixir cost and troops are ranked by their elixir. The strategy of the deck should be made so smartly and when you are making this strategy keep the time in your mind. Put your troops properly on the ground as well as in the air so you can defend properly from the opponent’s troop and also destroy their arenas.  A mixed ground and air troop will surely help to win the battle. Suppose if the opponent has a ground troop, at that time you can drop the dragon on them. You can do this without taking any damage. This is one of the most important strategies which can be used in the game.

These are the most important things which you should consider while playing and these will definitely help you a lot. Attack and defend these both things hold a great position in the game and we should give our main focus on that so that we can prepare major planning. At last, I just want to say that this game is unique which I have never seen before and I can consume my free time in this.

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Top 10 Highest Selling Games on the Playstation 2

The Playstation 3 has been behind in sales compared to the other next gen systems but a lot of Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 fanboys fail to point out that the Playstation 2 continues to sell a lot of games. So far these are the 10 Playstation 2 games that have sold the most copies.
10. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Copies Sold – 4.2 million
The Playstation 2 has many popular platformer games and several of them have titles that are something like somebody and somebody else. However, the original Jax and Daxter game is the most popular game of this sort.

9. Kingdom Hearts
Copies Sold – 4.29 million
The Kingdom Hearts took one of the most beloved video game series, Final Fantasy, and mixed it with one of the most beloved movie studios, Disney.

8. Madden NFL 2005
Copies Sold – 4.35 million
I’ve always preferred the NCAA Football series to the Madden series but it’s impossible to deny the popularity of the Madden series. Madden NFL 2005 has sold more copies than any other sports game on the Playstation 2.

7. Final Fantasy X
Copies Sold – 6.6 million
The Final Fantasy series is more popular in Japan than it is in America but the sales combined are good enough to land Final Fantasy X number 7 on the list. Final Fantasy X might be one of the last really great traditional role playing game as most video game companies are starting to branch out to different types.

6. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Copies Sold – 7 million
The Metal Gear Sold franchise took the stealth game to a whole new level and Solid Snake is one of the baddest heroes in video game history.

5. Gran Turismo 4
Copies Sold – 9.53 million
When discussing the most popular video games of all-time it’s not likely that the Gran Turismo series will be one of the games that comes up but the series has proven that it is one of the top sellers.

4. Grand Theft Auto III
Copies Sold – 12 million
Grand Theft Auto III was extremely popular due to the nature of the game. In Grand Theft Auto III players could roam just about everywhere and do just about anything. The game had a great story that you could follow but also had tons of side quests.

3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Copies Sold – 12 million
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas barely passed the original Grand Theft Auto II in sales but couldn’t live up to the sales of Vice City.

2. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec
Copies Sold – 14.87 million
There seems to be a pretty common pattern here. The first highly hyped sequel, in this case Gran Turismo 3, does great in sales while the next sequel, Grand Theft Auto 4, drops a bit.

1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Copies Sold – 15 million
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a fun game but fans were right to buy more copies of this game. The first Grand Theft Auto III is the superior game and man that 80’s soundtrack rocks!

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World of Warcraft Vs Guild Wars: Which Online Game Offers the Best Experience?

One of the most popular genres in the computer and video game industry is the MMO, or massively multi-player online, game and its sister genre, the massively multi-player online role-playing game (or MMORPG). In such games, the player takes on the persona of a character as he or she explores an online world peopled with other such players from across the globe. Players have the option to follow any available story lines, explore the world as they improve their characters, challenge other players, or just “hang out” in-game. Big names in the MMO genre include City of Heroes and City of Villains, in which the player can become a comic book superhero or villain, The Lord of the Rings: Online, and the classic choices of EverQuest, Ultima Online, and Lineage II.
Although these are all solid games, two of the most popular online games currently on the market are World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. Both of these games command a massive fan base, with thousands of players logging on to do battle, quest, and interact in each game’s impressive world. But which title should the discerning player choose? I delve into both of these MMOs to see how they compare.

Finding the Most Bang for Your Buck

The first difference between World of Warcraft and Guild Wars that any player will run across is how each game is made available. Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft is a subscription based game, meaning that players purchase the game, currently priced at $19.99 USD, and then pay an additional fee of $14.99 each month to continue to play. The first month of play is included in the initial purchase price. There is an optional expansion also available, Burning Crusade, for $29.99 USD, or bundled with the original game for $39.99 USD. World of Warcraft can be played on both the PC and Mac systems.

Guild Wars, on the other hand, has no fee. Purchase NC Soft’s original Guild Wars: Prophecies for $29.99 USD (or as a bundle with expansions Eye of the North or Factions for $39.99 USD in one of the Guild Wars Platinum options). NC Soft’s plan for expanding the in-game experience as well as retaining player loyalty is to release regular expansions. There are currently three expansions available, priced between $29.99 and $39.99 USD: Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North. Unlike World of Warcraft’s expansions, the expansions for Guild Wars are optional, meaning that players don’t have to own all of them. Instead, a player can play any number of the expansions, and the original Prophecies is not a requirement for any of them. All of the expansions’ content does interlock for the players who don’t own all of them, but the player who owns only one or two chapters still has a full and satisfying story and game world open to him or her. The only exception to this is the Eye of the North expansion, which requires any one of its three predecessors to play. Guild Wars is a PC-only title, so Mac users will have to miss out on this one.

Exploring New Worlds: Game Structure

Striking differences between World of Warcraft and Guild Wars become immediately apparent once the player installs the games and logs on. World of Warcraft offers a wide range of character races and classes, or jobs. Also, players can play either on the side of the Alliance (mostly “good,” although the line is not as black and white as that) or the Horde (mostly “evil”). Players have the option of participating in both story and social events, quests, and activities centered around the conflict between these factions. Every class is not available to each race and faction, so the gamer must be careful to take this into account when forming his or her character. The Guild Wars character creation options are much simpler. Although there are different non-playing character races in Eye of the North, the player can only be a human, with substantial class options, although less than are available in World of Warcraft.

The games’ structure is also quite different. World of Warcraft’s Azeroth is vast and consistent, with players only separated by what server they choose to play on. Players can interact with each other both in and out of towns and cities. The Guild Wars universe, on the other hand, is completely instanced. This means that when a player leaves a town, he or she can only see and directly interact with the people in his or her party. This makes for a lonelier questing experience, but at the same time players won’t fall victim to a random slaying by a high-level character of the enemy faction.

In World of Warcraft, players can advance their characters through 60 levels (70 for those who also own Burning Crusade). Guild Wars characters’ levels cap at 20, although they can still learn new skills. This means that there is no need to invest vast stretches of time to grinding in Guild Wars to be able to take advantage of the game’s highest level content, making it a good choice for the more casual gamer.

World of Warcraft offers wonderful opportunities for free-range exploration in addition to story-based questing and faction-central events and player-versus-player. Guild Wars, by contrast, is heavily story-driven. If a player is more interested in wandering about, chatting with other players, World of Warcraft would probably make the better option. For those who want to play along a plot line, Guild Wars is the stronger of the two. Also, in Guild Wars the player can play alone, inviting computerized “henchmen” into his or her party, making it a potentially more independent experience. Players in World of Warcraft tend to have to rely upon the assistance of fellow guild members and other players as they advance into higher level areas.

All Dressed Up: Graphics and Sound

The look of each game is very unique. In the World of Warcraft, the characters are more cartoonish, with little attempt to preserve any sense of realism. Guild Wars is much more realistic, and the the landscape art is beautiful. The graphics of both games are well put together, however, and although each embraces a different style, one is no better than the other. Similarly, the musical scores rounding out each game are equally sumptuous and meticulously composed.

What’s in Store

Both World of Warcraft and Guild Wars continue to push forward, with more content in the works. Both titles offer special events and holiday celebrations. Blizzard’s World of Warcraft does seem to see more of these extras, as well as more content updates and slightly better quality in their customer support, probably due to the additional income generated by the monthly subscription fee. Unfortunately, this also means that the Warcraft servers are often down for maintenance or updates much more often than with Guild Wars.

Both games have future expansions in the works. World of Warcraft is currently working on its second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. Blizzard has not yet made a release date available for this title. NC Soft has its sequel, Guild Wars 2, tentatively scheduled for release at the end of 2008.

The Victor?

So, when faced with a choice between World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, what’s an MMO/MMORPG gamer to do? For those who enjoy a consistent, non-instanced, more open-ended gaming experience, I would recommend World of Warcraft. For the more casual gamer who wants a story-driven experience with the option to play independently and — a big selling point, in my opinion — for a lower price over time, I would have to suggest Guild Wars. As for me, I’m a Guild Wars fan through and through. Every so often, though, I do indulge in a month of World of Warcraft. Why? Because, as different as these two games are, they are both engaging, well-made, and, most importantly, a whole log of fun.

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This trick for 8 Ball Pool will surprise you

Amazing guidance for selecting the best 8 ball pool hack tool

Basically 8 ball pool game is the funniest mobile game which is challenging the player to win at the pool game. In fact it is the most popular mobile game in today’s world and it is having the thrilling and excellent gameplay. As everyone knows 8 ball pool game is developed by the Miniclip and it is supporting all kinds of the mobile platforms such as android and pc. One of the studies says that more than 50 million people are willing to play this game. It is the multiplayer game so that you might play against the player all over the world. It is allowing the people to play against facebook friends.

Useful information about the 8 ball pool hack tool

Basically this game is consisting of the two different kinds of the game mode. In case you are looking to play against one person then you can select the one and one game mode. If you are looking to play with more than one player then player can choose the tournament mode. Suppose you are willing to win the coins and trophies then you must participate at the tournament. People can also play the practice mode when you are not aware of the gameplay. In fact winning is quiet difficult because it is consisting of the quiet difficult gameplay. Each country is following different rules so that you must use some unique techniques. If you are getting more numbers of the resources then you can easily win a game. Player can use 8 ball pool hack tool to increase their resources because it is coming with the free of cost. Now a day many of the top players are using this tool without knowing other people. But it is most important to find out the best hack tool or else you can’t able to get the resources. There are plenty of websites are offering this tool but you must carefully select the best one. Once you are selecting the best hack tool then people might get the unlimited amounts of the cash and coins. This kind of the tool is completely saving your time and effort. Auto update option is available in this tool so that no one is knows you are using hack tool to increase your resources.

Interesting facts available in the 8 ball pool game

In a present world many of the people are providing positive feedback to the 8 ball pool hack coins & spins because it is offering plenty of benefits. If you are having strong internet connection then you can use this tool without facing any kinds of the problems. It is designing it with the simple technology so that anyone can use this tool. It is having secured service and it is completely hiding people information from other people. This kind of the tool is consisting of the anti ban security system so that it is not affecting your device. It is one of the best ways to win the game but choose the best tool.

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How can you become the Best in Clash of Clans ?

Playing video game has become more common these days because people find it most interesting to pass their time. You can find video game players everywhere that they play games using mobile all the time. Whenever they have free time, they use to play and they load their favourite games in their gadget and will use it all the time. Many players become addicted to play their favourite games from their favourite genre. Numerous games are available in the market and developers in this modern age bring the best standard and most exciting games. Developers use advanced technologies, use creative innovations to bring the best game in the market.

The one of such game is Clash of Clans that has increasing fan following and the reason is that many players find this game as most enjoyable game. The game has interesting game play on simple plot but it attracts the players as it has wonderful theme, attractive background, stunning graphics and excellent quality sound. It has all the elements that will be expected by diverse video game players. Any player that plays this game would become interested to play this game since the game really is worth playing. This game is available for iOS and Android platforms and it is in the list of most played and most favourite games in iOS and android platforms.

Best of this game is that the gamer has to use the character in the game to take hold of other territories by defeating the King and the princes. Player will have to train the troop to take them for clash with the kings of other territories. As the player defeats the king, he would take the army and the possessions of the territory and will take hold of the tower. Expensive items will be in the tower and as they player defeats the king, the tower becomes own. The important part of the game is that the player not only has to defeat the kings of other territories but also has to defend the tower he won. Enemies will come to destroy the kingdom built by the player so the player has to have army ready to defend the territory also.

This is the interesting part that the player has to both attack and also defend. Player should traverse to different places to defeat the kings and take the dominion and also should be prepared to defend the tower so that enemy would not take it. Player will get scores in all the battles and coins and gems will be earned. Using the benefits such as player will be able to buy weapons so that they can face the tough battles coming against.

Players with low scores and less gold or diamonds will not be able to buy weapons so the fact is that they can increase the needed scores or benefit such as diamonds and gold using the Coc hack. Using hack tool players will be able to earn unlimited cash, coins and gold to buy weapons.

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Boom beach game which makes you a successful explorer

Games are really an interesting option in which all would like to play games for relaxation and to make your brain more active to work. This boom beach game is used for the attacking of the different island with different kinds of the explorer. For the process and going to the various levels the coins are important and the coins would provide you more benefits for going to the new islands.

  • Gold is used for buying the troops, map, to conquer and then start the attack.
  • Wood, stone and iron are used for building and to upgrade the building.
  • The diamond is used for buying other resources.

But this takes an lot of time to get the coins and move to the various levels but boom beach hack is used to get all the coins at the once and can able to upgrade and win the island easily.

The hacking method is made easy through online and you must need to open and load hack tool then enter the username and after that you need to enter the amount of resources that you want to be transferred to your account. Then you will get an activation code and when all the process is ready then click on the finish button and now you are ready to broom the beach.


 Hack method is used to hack the games many times

You can use the boom beach hack method more than one time also it can be used in the unlimited times by giving your usernames. In online the hacking methods are made easier than the normal cheats.

Suppose you want to build an army and fight against your enemies then every player must build a troop of soldiers who can fight. As a player your main target must be build a strong army and use them to defeat all your enemies and to protect your camp and headquarters. Without the army it will be tough job for you to attack your enemies. For this you must get gold coin and diamond.

While playing the game first you must start only with the lower level then only you can go to the higher level easily.

  • The lowest level is easy to win the game and there is no penalty for spending time in the lower level.
  • After reaching and achieving coins you may go to the second level that is the cleaver island were you can get even more points to win.

Defense structure that you must attack

Sniper tower is used to shoot your enemy attackers and they would aim with the rifles that have a good range and do decent damages. Mortar is used to artillery pieces that is an effective at the medium to long range but it could able to target the enemies and deal with the damage to all the troops in the area of effect. The machine guns turret sprays bullets at the enemies in the high level the damages would deal the hit points. The cannons fire powerful large caliber shell is used to attain the target at the time.

The various levels of troops that are used in boom beach are

  • Riflemen
  • Heavy
  • Zooka
  • Warrior
  • Tank
  • Medic

Playing game is not only essential for the kids but it provide relaxation for the adult. It helps to relieve stress, improve your brain functioning, improve your relationship and feel energetic always. By using the boom beach cheats you can win your game so easily and win the islands faster than your friends and enjoy with your game play.

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How the hack tool for hay day game?

Nowadays, the online games are getting huge recognition among the people for its exciting game trends.  Of course, you can see the different variety of the games that are available over the internet. These games can be played by all age groups of the people for getting the interesting features. In that manner, a certain kind of the game can be played even by the kids and adults too. As the way, the Hay Day is one of the online games that are offered for the players to enjoy the interesting game play.


This hay day game is offered for the iOS and the android operating systems and therefore, you can enjoy the game as you want.  Furthermore, this game is also featured with the hay day hack which is useful for the players to increase their gaming performance in the well effective manner.

About the Hay day game

Actually, the hay day is the freemium game that is offered for the mobile operating system. Therefore, you can enjoy the exciting game through your mobile phones like iPhone, android mobile phones and tablets too.  In fact, this is the farming game and it is developed by the SuperCell.

The plot of this game is that the uncle of the player is unable to take care of his farm and therefore, he hands over the duty of caring the farm to the player. In this game, the player starts to harvest the wheat and he can earn money and coins by selling the go5ods. These coins can be further used to the buildings and the decoration items.

Furthermore, the experience points are also needed for levelling up in the game.  As the way, this farming game can give you the features like as follows.


  • You can produce and modify your farm
  • It is possible trade the crops and the new goods with the friends and neighbours on your personal wayside shop.
  • You can build your own town and welcome your visitors.
  • It is useful for fulfilling your orders by using your heavy vehicles and the steamboat.

In this manner, this exciting hay day farming game is offering the features for you. Therefore, you can enjoy the game as you want through the internet.

Why do you need hack tool for hay day game?

The hay day game is offered with the unique hack tool which is useful for getting the wide range of features. Yes, the hay day diamonds hack is very useful for the players to get the wonderful features through the internet.  With the help of this tool, you can buy the following resources for your game play.

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited diamonds

These kinds of the resources can be easily gained through the internet and therefore, players have used it highly.  As well as, it is offered for the iOS and the android mobile phones.  However, you have to provide the username on the hack tool when you purchase through the internet.  So, you can use the hack tool for increasing your game play of hay day easily.

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How to Get Unlimited Bux and Brains on PewDiePie Tuber Simulator?

Do you want more and more bux and brains? But, don’t know how to get unlimited bux and brains? If like so, then at last you reached the right place to know the ways to get. There are so many tricks and tips available for the players of PewDiePie Tuber Simulator to win the game. But, all those tricks and tips are complex to use and takes more time, so PewDiePie Tuber Simulator hack is an excellent option for you to get unlimited bux and brains.

How to get unlimited bux and brains on PewDiePie Tuber Simulator?

If you don’t like to collect plenty of bux and brains without using patch or hacking, then tricks and tips associated with the PewDiePie Tuber Simulator game is the best choice for you. By using the tricks, you can able to use available resources such as bux and brains in well manner. But, it takes more time as like as following normal rules and you need to put a lot of efforts.

This is the reason why hacker introduced a PewDiePie Tuber Simulator hack tool to overcome all those complexities in playing PewDiePie Tuber Simulator game. Now, I hope, you should ready to use hacking tool on the PewDiePie game to prevent struggling right!!

You can able to get a cheating tool for PewDiePie game in 2 different ways such as an online generator and hack mod apk files.

Difference between options of PewDiePie Tuber Simulator Bux Hack :

There are some factors that highly differentiate the online generating hacking tool with hacking mod apk files. So, based on those factors, you can come to the option that suits you.



The online generator doesn’t require you to download and install any files to generate unlimited bux and brains. But, the hack mod apk files require you to do downloading, installing, and allocating some memory spaces.

Signing up:

In order to use an online generator, you need to be one of the users of the website, so you need to give your username and password. And, each time you need to enter this detail and can’t save the information because of safety. But, if you installed the hack mod apk file, then you can use anytime without login details.

These are the main difference between the options of PewDiePie Tuber Simulator hacking.

Features of using PewDiePie Tuber Simulator hacking tool:

Even though there is the difference between online generator and apk files, you will get the same features from these both options. Some of the features of using PewDiePie hacking tool are as follows:

  • Unlimited brains
  • Unlimited bux
  • Unlimited views
  • Unlimited subscribers

These are the things that you can generate using the both hacking tool. Apart from that, you also enjoy the following features by using the cheating tool.

  • You can collect resources such as equipment, furniture, clothes and more
  • You can share your room of PewDiePie through social media
  • You easily play and move on the next level without waiting for more time
  • You can play the game without struggling with disturbance
  • You can challenge your friends with your score
  • You can get expected views and subscribers
  • You no need to put your lot of effort on gameplay

These are the reasons for players of PewDiePie use either online generator or apk files. After reading this section, you too ready to use hacking tool of PewDiePie Tuber Simulator right!! So, pick the best option that meets your needs and enjoy the game at all times.

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Why I’m using a Clash Royale Hack

The Key Details about Hacking of Clash Royale

Normally most number of players now likes to use modern android and ios devices to play more interesting games. The clash royale is such an entertaining game which helps player to feel pleasant. Actually every loss makes players frustrate so they just want to get the feel victory by anyway. The hacking is a shortcut way to win the game of clash royale so today players just like to use more powerful hack tools. The clash royale hack can help them to get proud and winning feel. The players can achieve many things with uses of hacking options like online hack and downloaded hack tool. The players should understand the importance of hack in the game of clash royale. The users may feel risky to find a right hack tool but it’s now simple by using online reviews.

How Clash Royale Hack is Beneficial for Players        

Most of mobile gamers give first preference to clash royale game because it is one of the best mobile games. The clash royale game is highly tough to finish through normal game playing strategies so players come to the sector of hacking. The players can get several advantages from reputed hack tools.

  • The hack option allows them to control the game of clash royale
  • They can able to unlock any characters and resources through reputed hack tools
  • The players no need to spend for anything like getting resources
  • The players are not necessary to feed their financial information

These above factors are really useful for players of clash royale game so they must realize the importance of hack. The players no need to wait for anything because hack tools can perform so quickly to bring the resources. The players have to use a highly selected and popular hack tool in which they can do hack anything without any time delay. The players should use a compatible hack tool otherwise they may face unwanted difficulties to hack resources. The clash royale hack is only a great way to get each and every feature of this game so players mostly want to go with an option of hack.  The players no need to take risks and efforts if they have an effective hack tool. The players don’t feel tough to face any restrictions and blocks of game. The players can prevent unwanted problems by using hack tools.

The Details about Clash Royale Game              

Actually clash royale is a hard game to play because it is a new mode game that cannot be understood by everybody. The players should need a firm internet connection to play this game very easily. Today most number of players struggles to play clash royal game in a direct way. The hack is an illegal way but players can feel free and pleasant to play this exciting new game. The players can avoid unwanted issues like running out of clash royale free gems , gold and other resources with certain benefits of hack tools. The players can play this game neatly with help of hack.


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Easiest way to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go

What is the easiest ways to get the pokecoins

Now a day technology has improved a lot in many industry when it comes to the game industry then Pokémon is the best example. Is anyone wonder how Pokémon are created based on the player’s location because they are using the augmented reality features. At the same time there is no age limitation to play this game even most of the adults are interested to play this game. Players are finding the different locations to create the Pokémon. Basically the players have to train their Pokémon and the Pokémon have to fight against the opponent.

Getting the information about Pokémon Go game

Now a day most of the people fan of the Pokémon goes game and if you are start to play the game then you might be getting the lot of fun. This game is having the unique gaming functionality which is not available in any games. Basically the players has to catch the Pokémon which is the simplest process but you have to capture the different Pokémon for that you have to roaming around your city but it is the quite difficult task. When it comes to the pokecoins, it is the premium currency of this game which is used to unlock the in-app. So you no need to use your real world currency because players can get the free pokecoins .

Pokecoins are used to purchase the potions and pokeballs and these kinds of coins are not only used for cosmetic purchase but also it is helpful to increase your winning possibility. So it is really tough to the players because pokecoins are one of the factors to win the game. People can get the free coins in two different ways either you can use the hacking tool or you have to win your enemy gym.


What are the things players can buy with the help of pokecoins

If you are getting the free pokecoins then you can buy the bellow things like

  • Bag upgrade
  • Egg incubator
  • Lucky egg
  • Pokémon storage upgrade
  • Poke balls
  • Incense
  • Lure module

So with the help of pokecoins players can buy this above things which are really helpful to win the game. So if you want to get the unlimited coins then you have to play the game in a different location because players have to catch the different kind of Pokémon then only they can get the pokecoins. Visit different places so you can get the plenty of Pokémon and ghost Pokémon are come only at night time. So catch the as many as ghost virtual creatures so you can get the more pokecoins.

Pokecoins are the valuable resource and it is very expensive because players have to use the real world currency to increase their pokecoins. But if you are getting the free pokecoins then you no need to worry about paying real world currency. Hacking tool is also one of the way to getting the pokecoins but players have to carefully choose the tool.


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